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Sewage treatment plants

Domestic and commercial establishments alike produce sewage waste daily. It is essential for the environment and public health that this waste is filtered or cleaned back to a usable state. It would be remiss to continue our discussion without covering what exactly sewage treatment is.
What is Sewage Treatment
In general, any wastewater discharged from domestic premises or industrial outfit is called sewage. This includes all liquid waste from kitchens, sinks, bathrooms, toilets, anything that has an outlet into a sewer in essence. Now coming to the crux of the matter, sewage treatment refers to the removal of solid waste and other contaminants through physical, biological and chemical means.All sewage treatment aims to produce a harmless effluent that can be released into the environment or sent for further processing to centralized plants. Now let’s get into the process of sewage treatment.
The Process of Sewage treatment
The process of sewage treatment consists of four distinct stages that result in the environment-friendly effluent. They are as follows:

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